Yoga teacher. How to become one & travel the world

What to expect from a yoga teacher:

As a yoga teacher it is expected that you guide others through their formation into the benefits of it.

  1. Physical, into correct postures,
  2. Nutritional and
  3. Spiritual.

You have to be good at:

  1. Showing others
  2. Confident
  3. Physically fit
  4. Good communications skills


To learn it you should be interested into go through The Yoga Alliance guidelines doing the 200-hour or 500-hour training programs.

Get involved in yoga schools as volunteer to learn other necessary skills to be attractive to be hired.

Learn languages. If your plan is to travel it is a big plus if you can talk in many languages.

Specify your skills into one or more types of yoga. Being a specialist in some additional sports like kitesurfing will help you to get hired in kitecamps or surfcamps.

Massage therapy is also a plus in extreme sport centers.

Be aware before travelling that the school where you’re going is a prestigious one. Ask other users and try to contrast the information.

more info:

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Wish you a nice time meeting nice people & places!