Because we just live ones. Do you need more reasons?

In Stokednomads we make it easier to adventure and travel, giving support and info about jobs, trips, courses.  You can be geolocated so others can see you and contact you for jobs or just for have a great time. In profile form you can check what you want to get infos. Jobs, trips, courses and even if other users from the community are nearby (this only works if both has checked this option)

  • Users can always edit their profile. 

    users icon colors

    • Users can show if they are looking for a job looking for a job
    • Users can show if they are traveling traveling
    • Users can show if they are locals (own a school or just lives there and enjoy doing there the activities) locals
  • Users can also post jobs and geolocate them.
  • Users can organize, share and geolocate trips.
  • Users can post courses and geolocate them.
  • All with one form:

    icon colors of geolocation posts

    • Kitesurf color kitesurf
    • Dive color dive color
    • Surf color surf color
    • Yoga color yoga color
    • Skydive color skydive color
    • Ski & snow color ski color
    • Other activities color other color

    icons on map

    • Jobs icon jobs icon
    • Trips icon trips icon
    • Courses icon Courses icon