Hiking Monarch Butterfly Mexico

Since 1 April, 2019 to 29 February, 2020



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Hiking Monarch Butterfly. Come visit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary and walk through the beautiful Mexican volcanoes. up to 15 people. Basic. Mexico is a multicultural country, in this trip through the center of the country we will visit magical towns with charm and living traditions, Archaeological and Colonial Centers, how Teotihuacan, the Historical Center of Mexico City with its palaces from the time of the viceroyalty, the last discoveries of the Templo Mayor de los Aztecas, in Puebla the Catholic temples with colonial architecture, we will visit the forests where the monarch butterfly sanctuaries are usually found, we will ascend the majestic volcano Xinantecatl or Nevado de Toluca 4680 meters high. (15354) we will walk through one of the sacred volcanoes of the pre-Columbian culture (Aztecs and Toltecs) the Iztaccihuatl or Dormida woman facing the imposing Popocatépetl Montaña that smokes in the language “Mexica” we will cross the trails of the largest cactus reserve and the Salar del Altiplano and above all you will know.

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