7 Day Kite boarding Cruise- The Bahamas

Since 12 December, 2020 to 17 April, 2021



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The Bahamas 

Bahamas Kiteboarding Cruise. KiteBoat Cruises.

Combining our love of sailing and kiting, we strive to find the best and most exclusive kite spots. We visit the most beautiful and isolated islands and beaches, where you can enjoy kiting alone of your private island. Sailing to isolated islands, our chef prepares our locally inspired healthy meals. Escape the busy city and join us in The Bahamas.

Kite surf on multiple, exotic islands while you explore the charms of The Bahamas sailing onboard a beautiful catamaran. With 2020 and 2021 new North kites and boards, Mystic harnesses and gear for rental, we provide the best of the best equipment, kite spots and vacation luxury.

*Kite lessons and rentals
*Sailing every day to a new kite spot
*Chef and Instructor on Board
*Customized to our clients level and requests

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