360 k – the long downwind oman

Since 28 April, 2019 to 11 May, 2019





This downwind takes the adventurous kitesurfers through traditional fishing villages, passes high sand dunes, hidden shallow water lagoons with flamingos, dhows with waving fishermen.
The adventure starts with a jeep tour through the desert to Bar Al Hikman, 5 hours south of Muscat, a journey through an ocean of sand under blue skies, dried salt lakes, passing camel convoys. A trip that pays back to end up on one of the best and probably most unknown kite spots of the country. kilometres of white sand beaches with huge shallow lagoons and turquoise waters, a perfect playground for kitesurfers and a good starting point for the tour. From there we kite daily about 60-70 km direction north with the highlight of the trip a crossing to Masirah Island, often accompanied by dolphins.
Overnights are spent in expedition tents, providing protection from wind and sun. At dinner time in the chill out tent we can review the day and relax, we start into a new downwind adventure along the coast following day.
The hospitality of the locals and breathtaking landscapes still seem to remain a best kept secret that is worth to be discovered.
Upcoming trips:
21 – 27. April 2019. Masirah, day trips and coaching for down wind kiting along the coast of Masirah.
28 – 04. May 2019. 360 km, the big downwind Oman.
05 – 11. Maiy2019 360 km, the big downwind Oman.

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