Tips from kitesurf instructors traveling

an interview to Casey & Scotty

“That kite couple” are these amazing kitesurf instructors, Casey and Scotty. You have several projects and a lot of experience in kitesurfing. But first let’s start from the beginning. How are you? 🙂

We are very good thank you. But yes as you said we have a lot of projects going on so we are keeping ourselves busy.

How are you?

Fine, thank you. When did all start?

How did you come into kitesurfing?

Good to hear.

kitesurf instructor center

We started together in January 2014.  We spent the year before dreaming about learning, we would watch the kiters on the beach for hours until we decided to reach out to places around the world for a work exchange as didn’t quite have the money to do it on our own. We were very surprised to receive several offers but one in particular grabbed our attention in Sri Lanka who asked to come out within three weeks, so we booked a ticket and left. We were working in Europe in the Canary Islands and Greece. We stayed in Sri Lanka for 5 months practicing every day! Within the first week we knew we wanted to be instructors! It all happened very fast

Which certifications did you get?

Actually we did not do our IKO certification then, it wasn’t until about two years after when we wanted to return to the same company and work as Instructors which required an IKO certification

Did you do it there?

No, we took the course in Thailand in Pak nam pran. We taught for two years without, but wanted better ourself and grow with the sport which meant getting qualified

What advice would you give to someone that wants to become an instructor?

Do it! Haha.


Get certified, choose a good school with a good location and high wind stats and many tourists to be able to sustain this lifestyle. Don’t just take any job offer do your research. Many places search for instructors but don’t have suitable conditions and you can easily land on your arse broke.

And did you always travel together? Was from the beginning to kitesurf and travel, a team work?

kitesurf instructor jumping

Yes, after three weeks of knowing each other we moved abroad.

I was already travelling and Scott had just left the army so he joined me. We moved to tenerife first where we first saw kitesurfing. And have been working, living and travelling together since. From late 2012

Beautiful! For sure, do you have a lot of adventures during this time. Would you like to share one? 😀

Oh yes, many, what would you like to what, the good bad or ugly.


hahaha. Ok, a good one and a bad one

Okay let’s start with something juicy.. one of our crazier stories in 2015 Egypt Sinai. We had a film crew come to film a short lifestyle video about us and we stupidly tried to bring a drone into the Sinai which didn’t go down to well. We were detained for 17 hours by national security who believed we were spies. They took our passports and got very aggressive with us. Luckily we had some friends high up and after hours and hours of phone calls we allowed to go but had to leave the drone behind for a friend to collect the next day.

Fuuuck! hahaha

Travelling for this many years we have had many good stories and experiences and so hard to pinpoint one,  but one adventure we would never forget was a catamaran trip around Sri Lanka’s coast finding the best spots for another promotional video with my kiteboarding team.

It was just incredible from the first moment

We had our kiteboarding team, good friends and even my dad flew out to join after 2 years of not seeing him!

😂 this was the start to three months of terrible things happening but we took it a sign we were not meant to stay in Egypt and it worked out well.

Could you tell me your 4 favorite spots to do kitesurfing?

Oh great question! 

1) Laguna grande – Paracas National Reserve

2) Mannar – Adam’s bridge Sri Lanka

3) Vella island – Sri Lanka 

4) Isla blanca – Cancún

Laguna grande is where you are now, right?

Yes in Peru, but still an hour away from our main spot

Ok, tell me a little bit all the projects that you are involved and what services do you provide

Okay, so we started with reopening perukite, a kitesurfing school in paracas last year in 2018.   We offer kitesurfing lessons, equipment rentals and guided surfaris through the national reserve all year round but our dream was always to have a kite camp and this followed within 1 year. We started Paracas kitecamp in mid April 2019. Originally it was a backpacking hostel but we are completely stoked to  renovate everything and turn this into a kiters paradise. Within two weeks we made huge changes and kitesurfers started to come immediately. But it had been ongoing work ever since and we aim to complete before the high season in November with many more changed. Right now we offer accommodation, tours and transfers and have a bar and restaurant inside camp. The camp is 5 minutes drive away from paracas town. It’s the perfect place to sleep under the stars after an exciting day. The village is very peaceful and we are definitely unique within oaracs. We have a yoga roof with sunset lounge, a gym, pool, games and entertainment for all guests to use. But with these now combined we now offer beginner- advanced kite camps which was always the ultimate dream

Are you also doing paragliding?

Yes we are both pilots and our business partner had a paraglidng school perufly

kitesurf camp

Jesus! It  looks a dream place. How many people can be there?

Thankyou! Right now we have 4 rooms and two tents. Maximum we can have is around 14 people. But with plan to add a few more rooms but we like to keep it small and personable.

Nice!! When are the best seasons?

The best season is from Nov-april with wind most days

How is it with internet?

However even in the lowest season May-August we still receive around 60% wind probability. Like most of Peru, it’s there but slow 😂


Any tips for people that wants to visit Peru?

Some days are great and someday are just not, but we are quite remote.

Do the people there speak other language than spanish?

Yes! Visit the coast, many people head straight into the mountains when there miles and miles of amazing coastline line. 

Also take your time Peru is a large country with a lot to see from the snow topped Andes mountain range to the amazon rainforest and desert all along the coast. There is many indigenous languages spoken throughout Peru. English is very limited but most tourist areas the locals Will speak some basic English, so it’s a Great place to practice your Spanish

kitesurf rest
kitesurf bar

Muy bien!


Ok, I think we have come to an end with the interview. 

God! I’m still thinking about the drone ni Egypt and you as spies. Did they know Scotty was in the army? 😂

Scott deliberately got rid of anything linking him to the army before travelling there , it’s not something we really spoke of much there. But after hours of frustration and we even ran out of money for water, I rested my head on his shoulder and then got shouted at and made to stand apart from each other


Yep pff was glad to leave in the end


Would you like to tell something before finnish? Promote something? Future plans? Any advice?

Actually yes I would very much like to tell you about our business partner who looks for volunteers all year long. We work with a very nice family who have dedicated their lives to social projects around Peru. 

Most of the profit from Paracas Kite Camp helps to fund an orphanage in Lima and a recycling company.

We have started  to work together and clean up the  Paracas area too and we encourage anybody to join us and anyone is welcome to help in any of these projects.


We are very excited for the future here. Perukite is growing fast and we have many more ideas. Kiteboarding changed our lives and it can change your too. Always here for advice, feel free to contact us anytime.

Perfect! It was a pleasure!! Hope also to hear from you!

Thank you very much! Appreciate it 😊🤙