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An interview to Lachlan Campbell

surf copywriter

Hi Lac! We have talked already several times. But today, we’ll know you a bit more and learn about the service that you’re doing to the surf industry writing these great articles as a surf copywriter. How are you?

Good thanks. Currently enjoying the European summer in Portugal

Oh great! I’m right above you, in Galicia 🙂 Where do you come from?

Galicia… yet another place I’d love to visit. I’m from Australia originally but I’ve been based in Europe for the last 4 years

Nice. When did you start as a copywriter?

Back in 2015. I picked up a small writing job as a way to put some money in the bank account after coming back from a Mexico/Central America surf trip and kind of just went from there.I’d already worked in marketing before so I had a bit of experience

I’m following you already since one year. You have a great info blog for surfers. I’ve also seen that you have done many works for different sectors. But being a surfer and a traveler you’re doing great content on this niche. Tell us a little bit about your professional experience

Yeah when I first started I would take any job I could get. After a couple of years though I began to pick up some work for Wrangler, Davidoff, Heineken and a few other international brands. Whilst working for these companies was a great experience, I was always looking to marry my love for surfing with my job. So over the last 12 months I’ve been approaching surf schools, surf camps and surf retreats all over the world with an aim to help them grow their digital reach.

I’ve now worked for businesses and companies within the learn to surf industry in France, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, USA and Spain.

I think that is a fantastic idea for surfcamps. Great content is crucial to be visible on the internet 

Yeah I think content that is informative and tailored to people who are curious about learning to surf is key. I’m not writing for professional shredders after all and surfing is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone

Tell me do you work remotely?

Sure am and have been since I started. I love it for the sole reason that I can always sneak off for a wave when the surf is good. However I work pretty long hours so I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like to

Yes of course, being a digital nomad doesn’t mean to be moving around all the time. It has to be even more disciplined and organized. The nice thing about it is by moving from time to time as a writer and as a surfer you can experience on your own what it is to travel with surfer gear, what you find in common on all places or things that still need to improve. Have you worked for surf trip companies?

Exactly… having a routine and a daily planner helps for sure. As for surf trip companies, I’ve worked with one based in Indonesia that offers sustainable surf travel packages to islands in the Mentawais

My focus is more on helping surf camp/school/retreat owners get their brand out there though. There’s so much competition and only a small percentage actually invest in online marketing. It’s no surprise these are the more successful ones.

surf copywriter

Yes agree, it isn’t just about writing you need to have knowledge about SEO and what people are looking for. It is a hard skill where time to implement it is needed. What do you think surfcamp webs are missing?

I think most learn to surf business websites are ok as far as getting contact information out there and at the very least having a webpage that shows up when people search for them online. I think they miss a lot of business though by not promoting their knowledge, their successes and their own style of doing things, which is really the point of difference that may make someone book with them as opposed to another surf camp

Digital nomads & remote workers are looking for surfcamps/retreats/schools to enjoy where they go. I think you as a surf DN and copywriter, you can really push up any website on the need of being more visible. On the other side, as you say, to know what makes your camp different can make it highlight over others 

That’s right. Most surf camps rely on referrals, walk-ins and repeat customers, which means every camp is essentially fishing from the same pond when it comes to finding customers. If a camp wants to grow their business and take it to the next level though, they need to be reaching the people who are about to take a learn to surf trip to a particular country and are totally green as to who they should book with

surfer hiking

What is your view about the places where you have been on the surf scene? Could you share as your favorite ones? The community, spots,…

So as far as being a surfer that also works online, all I need is a decent internet connection and good waves to make me happy. Places such as Huanchaco in Peru, Santa Teresa in Costa Rica and the Algarve in Portugal tick these boxes for sure. All of them also have coworking spaces and a great community of people with similar interests

Of course… it’s hard to beat the waves in Australia when I go back to see the family


Oh beautiful! Have you learnt spanish? what about portuguese?

I’m fluent in both Spanglish and Portugenglish


Nah.. to be honest I think as an Australian we’re somewhat predisposed to being rubbish at learning languages. My wife is from Austria so I speak a bit of German… but most of what I say is received with a polite smile and a slow head nod, so I’m almost positive that my Deutsch ist auch furchtbar

Krass! Wir reden fast Die gleiche sprache!

In Spain and I think also in Portugal, are coming more and more news about sharks next to the beaches. But, I mean, they were always there! At least most of them. As an australian surfer. Are you scared about sharks? 😂 Should we worry? 🤣

If people actually knew how close they are to sharks when they’re in the water they’d never surf.

Sometimes I hear the theme from Jaws in my head when I’m in the water by myself early in the morning or in the evening, but I always come back to the fact that if a shark chooses to attack you, you’re pretty much done for anyway, so you might as well just not think about it. Definitely don’t need to worry about them as much as the media might have you believe


Sooo, we have to come to an end… It was a pleasure. Your advice can be really useful for those that are in the surf and travel industry. Tell us, where can we find you? Webs, social accounts,… And if you want to promote something, share future plans, tell something to our readers,…

It’s been splendid! For sure reach out via email or find me as Lac Campbell on Stoked Nomads. I’m in the process of creating a new business website so I’ll share the link on SN once it’s live

Perfect! Wish you a nice time in Portugal. BTW yesterday started the surf championship here in Galicia, Pantin Classic. If at the final are good waves we’ll hang there. If you come it will be a pleasure!

Oh yeah I saw that. I was watching Chopes last night (don’t tell me who won, I haven’t seen the final). Likewise if you plan on coming to the Algarve, let me know!

Oh, me too. It was… 🤐 You’ll see! Bye!

Haha noooooo!

Thanks for the opportunity to chat mate, I appreciate it.

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