Tips from a snowboarder and surfer digital nomad

Interview to Lina Herz

surfer digital nomad

 Snowboarder, a surfer and a digital nomad. Hi Lina! Nice to meet you. As it seems you’re this kind of people that can’t travel without a board. Tell us, Where are you now?

Hi guys 😊 I am in Ireland at the moment – kind of what I would call a workation.

How is it there? Is it related to surfing?

Ireland is absolutely stunning. Beautiful landscape, world class waves and nice people. The only downer can be the weather. It’s not really summery around here.

I’ve been surf teaching in Rossnowlagh, a beach in the north west, during July and August. That’s my first job. And my second job is a remote job for a snowboard online shop. Been splitting my time between both jobs, so it’s been a busy summer 😉

surfer digital nomad

Is there a surfschool in Rossnowlagh?

Yeah I think there are three Surfschools actually. But I work for the oldest one – it’s called FinMcCools. My boss is from an old irish surfing family. His uncle is kind of a old irish surfing veteran. He started surfing in front of his house when he was young and still surfs even though he is half deaf and can’t really see well haha. He’s 75 and an absolute legend

hahaha Legend!

He also does some amazing surf art.

How big is the scene there approx?

There is a core group of surfers up in bundoran where I live during the summer. You always see the same faces and I’d say that Ireland is home to some of the most underrated surfers in Europe. The most humble guys are ripping the most.


You have a Master degree in Tourism and also knowledge in Marketing. Being also a great snowboarder, for the online snowboard shop had to be perfect to meet you!

How does it to work remotely?

Oh, I think it was a lucky shot for both of us. I kind of got into the idea of remote working end of last year after I came back home from travelling. I am not really an office kind of person and I need my freedom to work up to my potential. I actually started working at a ski resort in austria on the bar last winter and wasn’t really happy there. So one night I just randomly applied to a Facebook Add and two days later I had the job offer. So I quit my job (my boss at that time wasn’t happy about it of course because high season was just around the corner), went back to germany, and put all my energy into my new job. Being able to work remotely definitely opened my eyes and showed me what kind of work suits me the best. I’d say it is the perfect balance between freelancing and working in a team. It’s amazing!

Yess, agree! 🙂

So do you come from Germany?

Yes – I am born and raised in the south of germany, close to munich. My parents took me skiing and hiking since I was really young so I guess that’s where my love for the outdoors comes from.

And how did you start surfing?

I was pretty obsessed with snowboarding when I was around 16. So at that time I kind of talked a group of friends into doing something active with me during our summer holiday. We went to france together for a week to a surf camp. My coach was australian and he told me that I have to keep up the surfing because he saw that it came natural to me. So I listened to him and kept surfing ever since. Everyone else quit haha

hahaha yeah!

Since then you have been traveling a lot with your surfboard. Where have you been?

surf travel as a digital nomad

Yeah I kind of started traveling outside of Europe when I was at Uni. We had to do an internship and a semester abroad so I decided to learn spanish. I did my internship in Chile and my semester abroad in Barcelona. After that I went to Easter Island and to Costa Rica for a few months.

Oh great! How it was in Easter Island?

Easter Island is a crazy place. No one would actually stay there for longer than a week but my ex boyfriend was living there at that time so we were working a bit over there and surfing a lot. The waves are actually really good and there are not a lot of people surfing. But it is not really known as a surfing destination. Everyone just knows it for the big stone heads.

surfing in remote islands

You have also been traveling in Europe right? How is it about staying in spots and so. In Spain, some spots, the police won’t let you sleep. How is your experience? Do have any tips?

I have a van at the moment where I can go for a little weekend getaways. I know that #vanlife is the dream for a lot of people but I actually prefer to stay at one place for a while and really get to know the people and the place. That means most of the time I just got a room in a shared house where I have a bed and where I can cook and shower. When I was working in Portugal I was also talking a lot to the locals about this topic and they are really unhappy with the situation of the camper vans there. People leave their trash and don’t clean up after themselves and the people who have to live there are stuck with the chaos. So in all honesty, I am not a big fan of that lifestyle. Of course there are people who know how to behave but at the end of the day it is not great for local tourism. I’d rather support the area where I live and build my life around theirs’

True, I’m still wondering why people are so unrespectful with the enviroment and the local people….

Could you tell me your top three spots?

Surfspots in Europe?

into surf or snowboard related worldwide

hard one haha


1 Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Just because it’s just easy life over there. You have a beautiful beach and you can find everything you need within walking distance. 

2 Innsbruck, Austria. That is where I spent 5 of the best years of my life studying and snowboarding whenever I had the time. I could take the bus from in front of my house and be on the slopes in 15 minutes. It is hands down one of the best places ever! 

3 Bundoran, Ireland. Like I already mentioned I really fell in love with Ireland. Bundoran is Ireland’s Surfing Mecca and I have a hand full of work class point breaks right in front of my house. It still challenges me every day but that’s what I love about this place.

surf coach

Good mix!

Ok, Lina it was a pleasure to have a talk with you. Would you like to say anything? Future plans? Any advice? or Promote something? And where people can find you 🙂

My pleasure.

If I have any advice: Follow your dreams. If you don’t feel like working 9 to 5 in an office don’t do it. I am so happy with my decision and I am more certain than ever that this is the way I want to live my life – free and happy. Big shoutout to for making my dreams come true and for being the best employer I could wish for. Also much love for the best coworkers in the world. Whoever is interested in what we are doing or looking for a remote job in the snowboard industry, this is where you find all the info about the crew:

Hopefully see some of you soon on the slopes or in the line up 🙃🤙


Wish you all the best 🤙

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