Tips from a retired paralympian into travel & extreme sports

an interview to Beth Requist

paralympian skier
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Beth Requist professional skier. I’m super happy to talk to you. I think I don’t know anyone from Colorado 😅 How are you?

Haha really?! That is surprising as it feels like it has grown SO much!

bike for people with disability retired paralympian skier

I’m great! Out on a bike ride with my dog. Was trying to make it back before this call but didn’t make it haha.

Where do you exactly live?

Winter Park. It is a small ski area, but growing quickly.

How are the seasons there? When is the best time?

It’s nice, we have 4 seasons, but summer is short. Winter is the best for skiing!

How is it a normal day as a paralympic ski athlete in the disciplines of Biathlon, and Cross Country Skiing before competition?

Well I have actually retired! I switched to alpine ski racing, but broke my back a second time and had to get my back refused so I just ski for fun now. 

But previously when I trained, days were very long. We basically trained, ate, trained, ate, slept.


I’m curious about something because I’ve never shot to anything. Did you already know how to shoot before the Biathlon or you learnt also this new?

I had been shooting a few times prior, but was basically learning new. Shooting was my favorite part. It is super challenging because you have to quickly bring your heart rate down to steady your shot.

Yes of course! It has to be super difficult to stay calm after all the physical effort.  In which other sports are you involved?

professional paralympian skier
surfing for people with dissability

I alpine ski lots in the winter and in the summer I have gotten into downhill mountain biking. I have also tried surfing, which was so fun!

Yes agree, surf is fun but downhill mountain biking looks also fun! Do you travel for practice this sports? How is it about the gear? Is there places where to rent the adaptive equipment or do you have to bring your own?

I am fortunate to live where I can ski and bike about 15 min away at the ski area. Unfortunately these bikes are so rare that they aren’t available to rent where I live. I think there might be a place in Vermont that has them available. I bought mine and it wasn’t cheap haha.

Nothing is cheap anymore 😅

Haha true that!

You were on it now, right?


Could you explain a little bit how is the adaptive ski gear?

Well you buy the actual sit ski with a really good shock, then you separately buy a bucket that you have custom molded for your butt. Like a ski boot. And then you can switch out the ski you ride. So on a powder day I put on a fatty or if I’m just cruising I’ll use an all mountain or old race ski.

paralympian athlete
travel with dissability

When you travel you look for places where to do this sports or are you looking to test other things? Where have you been?

I usually just travel to experience new places and things. Traveling with my sit ski or mnt bike is a pain. Although this winter I am going to Zermatt to ski, so that should be interesting!

I have been to France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia

Which tips could you give to other people with disabilities for travel?

Travel with someone that can help you navigate stairs! And also when traveling on the plane, pack a carry-on with all your meds and medical supplies in case your luggage gets lost!

Good advice!

Things will inevitably go wrong, you have to be able to roll with it!

Now that we’re doing this interview and knowing that you’re going to Zermatt. Here are some users registered that works there I think. Also followers on our social media accounts, for sure. Would like to say something. Like if you want to meet people or ask for info?

surf coaches
sport for people  with dissability

That would be great! I’m curious how the town is laid out. I also heard there are lots of t bars. So that will be an adventure ha




Ok, now before finnish your best places in the world where to practice  ski, surf, mountain bike and all the other things that you do

I’d say Winter Park for skiing and biking, because it is accessible for all disabilities. San Diego, CA for surfing


And also…. Future plans? Projects? Promote something? or anything that you want to say to the community

My future plans are to just travel and adventure as much as I can! My friend Sophie and I started an adaptive travel blog we want to pick up. It provides resources for people traveling with a disability. Our insta handle is: ouradaptiveworld and website

Cool! It was a pleasure Beth. Wish you a nice day!

Great to talk to you! You as well!

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