Surf coach.
How to become one & travel the world

surf coach

If you’re into surfing and you can spend lot of hours at the beach, to become a surf instructor could be your thing. In our days the option to travel and to keep on a summer season full year is being more and more easy. And even as it seems that automation is taking all the jobs. Outdoor sports related jobs with teaching skills will keep safe for a while 😀

Or like Mikaela tells on her interview. Jumped from loving winter and snowboard into surfing and full summer in Australia:

“That was already related to surfing. Well, um, I used to hate summer when I was snowboarding. So in summer I spend all my savings on going to glacier and snowboarding there…If you asked me if I wanna go for holiday to sea I would laugh at you and say “NEVER” …but then I started to wakeboard and wakeskate – realized that summer is not that bad at all and then I tried surfing”

But, even if it seems a dream job you’ve to consider that there are it counterparts, like spending most of the day taking care of your students seeing all the waves and surfers having fun.

Ok, let’s dive into what is needed to be a surf coach.

First you need to be a confident surfer that manage well 1.5 to 2 meter waves and have enough physical condition and current knowledge to solve different water situations.

Second you need to get a certification. The most common is ISA level 1.

Third, you need to get your lifeguard certification.

Fourth. After getting the certifications you’ll need to get some hours experience. Start on a known surf school doing some practicum. This will help you to see how it’s normal day at this position and also gets you option to after been referenced for future surf schools.

“I did it my way
went to work for two months to the ocean. But that was France
Like on a hostel or so?
Surfcamp. Working for free”


Fifth. Learn languages! English is pretty good but also german, russian, spanish, chinese and also portuguese. This will open you many options to travel and get better paid jobs.

Sixth. Have passion for teaching & social skills.

And very very important. Be motivated, like Lina, today surf coach explains it all can start having fun:

“I was pretty obsessed with snowboarding when I was around 16. So at that time I kind of talked a group of friends into doing something active with me during our summer holiday. We went to france together for a week to a surf camp. My coach was australian and he told me that I have to keep up the surfing because he saw that it came natural to me. So I listened to him and kept surfing ever since. Everyone else quit haha”

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