Skydive instructor
How to become one & travel the world

You haven’t imagine that your thing would be to fly. But one day you went with some friends to jump from a plane on tandem. And you loved it!

Have you thought becoming a skydive instructor?

What about learning it seriously & earn some money?

First, step by step.

After the first tandem jump you’ll need to do a course. There are several skydive schools but look the ones that USPA recognizes. It is not an international organization but is world wide accepted.

You’ll have the first lesson on the ground learning safety, packing, postures & signals comunication.

The day has come. Now you’ll jump alone.

The course will just be some days depending on the school.

The normal course would be the AFF (Accelerated freefall).

If you got every step fine you’ll get your license.

But, you still need to do a lot of jumps.

after the course:

With 100 jumps you can start (license B) helping asissting on the courses.

From 200 jumps you can be enough confident to photograph and video record other skydivers.

From 500 jumps you can start to be an AFF instructor and doing skydive tandem jumps.

To get additional skydive jobs think about being a packer and/or a Rigger. Be also aware that most of the jobs are in the United States, Australia and in New Zealand.

Learn languages. Most of the jobs just needs english. But skydive jobs are increasing, countries like China.

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Wish you nice flights!