Steele Walster

When people ask about Surf Bar we tell them it’s our story, our adventure, it is what we love most and we all know the feeling. You wake up, it’s still dark, it’s pumping, you can tell and you’re frothing! With only a few hours up your sleeve you’ve got to hurry, there isn’t time and you don’t feel like the big breakfast that would keep you going.
You grab a Surf Bar.
Running down the street, jumping on your bike or into the car. You get to the spot and the crew are tripping over themselves to get out.
It’s better than you thought and you’re going to be out there a while. Luckily you’ve got that Surf Bar in your pocket, backpack, glovebox. Scoffing it down you know you won’t be coming in early because you ran out of energy or cramped up. You’ll be “Woo Hooing” the whole time!
Just then your mate leans over to snatch your Surf Bar,
missing it you snap a bit off for them.
‘That’s got to be worth first wave!’