Sabine Kirrmann
searching for a job

Snowboard, Surf, Surf Photography
speak EN/DE

Hello my name is Sabine and I’m looking for a surf job in Spain or Portugal! Short to me i am 34 years! I have been traveling for 6 years! 5 years of it in the vw bus then one year on foot with tent, dog and surfboard! I have worked in different surfcamps at the beginning as educators then as surfassistent then photographer and since the end of 2016 I have the isa and have to start in zarautz Spain worked as a surf teacher then in Peniche Portugal and then in Amado in Portugal! Since 2013 my dog ​​João has been accompanying me on the roadside! If you need further information I will send it to you! I would be glad to hear from you ! Greetings

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