Omenon Patricio Rivera
ART Rollerblade Wakeboard

My name is Patricio Rivera, people call me “Omenon” and I’m a Pro Rollerblader and a Wakeboarder. I’m passionate about many action/board sports and I love Jumps, flips and that wonderful feeling while in the air. Learning new skills and tricks drives me to push my limits. I currently ride for Rollerblade Argentina and TSG Argentina.

Other than sports, I’m also into art, painting and exploring different aspects of it.

I’m a Graphic Designer with a postgraduate degree in Marketing and currently work mostly in Marketing management projects coordinating designers. I believe my background and skills allow me to look for remote working jobs and meet a lot of interesting new people along the line.

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I speak Spanish, English, and a little Portuguese.

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