Natalia Zhiguleva

Meditation, SOCIAL MEDIA, Travel, Yoga
Content Creator for Social Media, LIFE COACH, YOGA TEACHER
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200h yoga certificate India

I was born and raised in Siberia – the middle part of Russia. The area of hidden energetically powerful gems, the sacred places. Mountains, rocks, forests and rivers. And I feel the power of my homeland, that it’s always in my heart and soul during my traveling, communication with the world by its people and magical places.

I see myself as a guide to the person’s new world that has always been within.
My aim is to show others that meditation is more than just relaxation and how we can use this magic tool in our daily life. Living and acting in a meditation mode.

I feel the Universe and hear it’s every single whisper. How it says to the humankind to Awaken. And meditation is just something that we use for this process.

My yoga classes are meditation magic moments as well. It doesn’t matter if you are doing asanas, breathing or practicing concentration.
With my vibes you’ll feel completely different.

I’ve been working at yoga retreats and yoga schools in Georgia, Russia, Sri-Lanka, Indonesia and Egypt. So I ‘ve been teaching and, at the same time, learning from people from different countries. That has transformed my way of teaching and shaped my practice style.