Milagros Tavella

Photography, STRATEGY&SALES, Surf
Content Creator for Social Media, Enterpreneur
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Business Management

Milagros Tavella is a city girl from Argentina, who studied Business Administration and worked as a Financial and Account Assistant for 8 years. Although she likes numbers she realized while creating her online business of female clothing that what was really interesting for her was Branding, Digital Marketing, Strategy and Sales.
But, why did she end up in Stoked Nomads?

Because of LOVE.
While traveling alone, in one of her trips she felt a deep connection with the ocean and lost her heart for surfing. Although she is still a Kook,this love made her do crazy things.

In November 2018 she found a job as Brand Marketing Assistant in a Surfshop & Lodge from Ericeira, Portugal; and moved there.

She is now gaining experience in: Social Media Content, Design, Photography, Creative Writing, Business Management related to surf industry, Online Sales & Marketing Strategy, Event Organization and of course SURFING, YEW!

Freedom lies in being bold.

Instagram: @militavella

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