Michèle Hungerbuehler
Content Creator INST. TRAINER Photographer Translator

You hear about all these stories of surfers that have been surfing almost before they could walk and that grew up close to a wonderful stretch of beach. What about landlocked surfers that only find their passion later in their life?
… These are different rather unusual stories.

And mine begins in a little town in Switzerland, which is far from the blue ocean, white beaches and glittery surfable waves. Already in the early ages, when teenagers plastered their bedroom walls with posters of their favourite pop bands, mine were filled with animal posters and stylish surf pictures of different surf brands.

The first attempt at surfing was during an educational exchange in England. Yes, in the cold waters of Newquay. This experience didn’t narrow the interest in surfing. Several single surfing days during holidays followed.
Back in Switzerland the heart always ached for the sea and surfing, but as a proper Swiss, finishing education and focussing on a realistic career came first.

My latest trip through Latin America brought me closer to surfing, progressing, learning and making wonderful experiences in general. That was in beginning of 2019 and the surfing dream is continuing until now with a plan to live it truly in 2020.

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