Maria Teresa Solomons

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Im a Freediving Coach first and foremost, and work as well with breath work and yoga, and have a background in neuromusculartherapy and intuitive energy work. Although I work as a Freedive personal coach and trainer, the reason I teach is also to offer an opportunity to those who choose to come study with me,at any level, in the water or out, to dive deeper into themselves and discover that they are much closer to recoginsing and understanding their relevance in the natural world, than they perhpas would have realised alone.
More than simply a conservationist, I feel a need to recognise that we should be in alignment with Nature in everythong we do. We have lost that capability as the pressures of technology have streamlined us all into a faster way of living where we have lost touch with the real flow. Nature should be our closest friend and we have a responsibiltiy to rediscover how to integrate that into our lives.

I coach people in Freedivng but, in holding your breath and diving under the water with no other equipment other than yourself,in conscious movement and your quieted mind, a whole new dimension of who you are rather than who you thought you were, often surfaces. It’s a training into deep listening and my vocation is to help take you there.