Heidi Winslow
Fitness Meditation Ski Sup

My journey with Wellness started three decades ago, when I began working as a trainer and PT assistant at The Sports Medicine Institute in Aspen, Colorado. My eagerness to find new ways to help clients rehab from injuries, combined with my own curiosity about methods of strength training, led me to study Pilates in Boulder. As a ski instructor and competitive runner, I was also looking for effective conditioning techniques. After moving to Telluride Colorado, I became the co-founder of Workout, a fitness studio, where I practiced Ashtanga yoga and taught a class that incorporated moves from both Pilates and yoga for improving strength and flexibility. Since moving to the East Coast fourteen years ago, I have further pursued my interest in the mind/body connection by studying meditation, and mindfulness. I love combining these diverse perspectives on strength, flexibility, balance and awareness, to guide clients toward achieving optimum health and wellbeing.