Gustavo Torres

speak ES/ENG/IT

Spoken languages: Spanish, English & basic Italian
Nationalities: French and Venezuelan
Age: 31
Availability: From January 2018

Calle del sol Naciente,
Numero 4, Piso 5,Apart 16,
Alicante, codigo postal 03016
+34 689 056 912

 Kiteboarding Work Experiences:
  IKO Kiteboarding Instructor Level 1 : (since January 2014)
  IKO Kiteboarding Instructor Level 2 : (since March 2015)
Adicora Kite -Adicora, VENEZUELA- (June 2013)
Venturi Kite Center -El Yaque, VENEZUELA- (January 2014)
Coche Kite Sport Center -Isla de Coche, VENEZUELA- (March 2014)
Kiteboarding Fehmarn -Fehmarn, GERMANY- (June 2014)
Mojokite School -Barcelona, SPAIN- (October 2014)

Aruba Kitesurfing school -Fishermans Hut, ARUBA (January 2015)
Mojokite School -Barcelona, SPAIN- (March 2015)
Kite415 –San Francisco, USA (Jun 2015)
The Galion Project –Los Roques, VENEZUELA (March 2016)
TKC Trips –Margarita, Coche, Canaima, Los Roques, VENEZUELA (Jun2016)
Cabrinha South Africa, Capetown (dec 2016)
Other Work Experiences:
  Agencia de Festejos 4598, (Party and Events Planning) (2009)
  Precomprido, (Construction Company) (2011)
Rodriguez Torres and Associates (Law firm):  (2012-2013)
Husky Park (Motocross & Enduro tracks) (2013)
Key Roles as a water sport instructor :
  Explain in a practical way the various techniques involved.
  Keep a professional and customer satisfaction oriented attitude.
  Understand customer needs and set up a program to reach their goals.
  Practice a variety of water sports (kitesurfing, wakeboarding, waterski, SUP) at a
decent level.
  Maintain an excellent technical knowledge of gear.
  Perform small repairs on kites, boards and bars.
  Ability to quickly adapt to a changing weather environment.
  Teach the sport in the most safe way possible.
  Combine all the teaching methods from all the places i have teach to make the
students achieve their goals
  Respect the School programs and stick to their routine, there is a reason why the have
plan it that way.
  Open to keep on learning different ways to teach the sport.

Education :
  Colegio Los Arcos : Caracas, Venezuela (2004)
  Sierra Highschool : Colorado Springs, USA (2005)
  Universidad Metropolitana (Lawschool) : Caracas, Venezuela (2012)
  Instituto Arts de Caracas (Photoshop course) : Caracas, Venezuela (2014)
  Instituto Arts de Caracas (Ilustrador course) : Caracas, Venezuela (2016)

 Additional Skills and Experiences
  Spanish as a native language, very good English level, Basic Italian, good enough to
teach a kite lesson
  Ability to communicate with different cultures easily.
  Extensive travel experience for kitesurfing (Brasil, Venezuela, Aruba, Spain,
Germany, France, Usa)  I have kite and teach in mostly any kind of conditions,
shallow and deep water, wave spots, gusty and light winds, off-shore winds, from
inflate boats and jetski’s
  Work experience in social networking media as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter,
  Experience Editing Videos and Photos with programs as Photoshop, Corel Video
Studio, and Microsoft Office (word, excel, powerpoint)