Corrinke Boon
Digital marketing STRATEGY&SALES SURFING Yoga

I am passionate about people. About life. About innovation.
About living in full harmony with each other and nature. I love
working with people, to see them develop and grow.
I live in a world where we work together to solve challenges this
earth is facing. That’s why I work with startups that want to
make an impact in this world. Help them grow (both personally
and professionally), train them, make connections with likeminded
people all over the world.
My enthusiasm and positive energy inspires people around me.
Once my beliefs are set, motivating the people around me is the
most natural thing for me to do. I love to do great things with
great people: my colleagues should be my friends – something I
highly value.
The ocean is my home. I’m a passionate surfer, kickboxer, foodlover.