Co Macchiarelli

Co came to yoga from a background in capoeira, a Brazilian art combing flow, dynamism,
coordination, leverage and primal floor movements into fighting. This intensive study of
movement naturally led him to the core-nurturing, healing and empowering benefits of
yoga. Co is passionate about constantly deepening his understanding and application of
the teachings of Yoga both as a student and a teacher. Co’s classes emphasize core-work
and balance through fluidity – students will be able to develop greater freedom of
movement and strength, playfulness and mindfulness, dynamism and control.
Founder Yoga &
200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga London
London, UK, 2018
EN / FR / IT
Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga-Cross Instructor
March 2018 – Present
London, United Kingdom
Private Yoga Instructor
March 2018 – Present
London, United Kingdom