Christoffer Tinebo
searching for a job

speak Eng/Swe/Nor/Dnk

My name is Christoffer Tinebo, 25 years old from Sweden. Diving has been a huge passion for me and it started already at age 11, when I did my first dive in Curacao(caribbean). Did my openwater/advanced at 13 with my dad and we went straight to liveaboards(Egypt mostly) and many other places to dive. Did my Rescue/Divemaster in early 20s in the Gili Islands and started to work as a guide for a while there but money ran out and now ive lived in Oslo on and off for 4 years, just been grinding on different jobs since the salaray here is good. Now for 2018 Im planning to go to Phillippines to do my Instructor and hopefully to get a job somewhere! 🙂
My English is very well since i lived in Manchester for 3 years between 7-10.