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Hey there traveling yogis!
I’m Brytta, founder of Xanadu Yoga and I coach yoga teachers how to impact the world!

My yoga teaching journey began on the Greek Island of Hydra. I fell in love with Greece, the islands, teaching yoga, and in little ways, myself. I returned home to New York City to complete my 200-hour teacher training at Yoga to the People and eventually made my way down to Aruba to complete my SUP Yoga and SUP Certifications at Island Yoga, Aruba.

Since becoming certified, I have been traveling the world ever since! My travels have brought me to the gorgeous streets of Europe and all the way to the jungles of Central America! Now, I’m back in the states teaching my online course for yoga teachers: Mindful Manifestation to Adventure Abroad!

My dream is to help yoga teachers become traveling yoga teachers while impacting the world along the way. My BIG dream is to open my Xanadu Yoga Hostel on a tropical island. Xanadu is defined as an idealized place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty. To me it is a place of love and magic that we can find within and bring with us on our yoga journeys anywhere we go.

This online community I founded is for anyone who dreams of traveling the world through yoga or anyone who dreams of impacting the world through travel and yoga.

So jump on your traveling yoga mat and join me in Xanadu!

With all the light, love & glitter,
Founder of Xanadu Yoga

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