Anniken Wild

For the passed 3 years I`ve been roaming around the world, working in Sri Lanka, Morocco, Portugal and India. Originally I`m from the North of Norway where the sun shines 24/7 , and we have only darkness during the winter.
Last year I did my 200h Ashtanga Vinyasa training with The Yoga People. And i`m going back to India in September to assist them on their training.

Last season I thought vinyasa flow, pranayama and slow flow at Soul&surf India. I`m also a qualified personal trainer, and I`ve taught group classes at gyms for 8 years. but there always felt like there was something missing, and I found that missing piece in yoga. I teach what I practice, and at the moment that is Ashtanga modified primary series, vinyasa, slow flow, meditation and pranayama. I do not have any formal training in yin, but I am able to teach it. And my plan is to do a training in yin this year.

At the moment I`m back in Norway for the summer, where I`ve been teaching at an Ashtanga studio. But before that I was based in the south of India, working as “head of service” for Soul&Surf. I also taught yoga, and did their Instagram. I`ve worked for lapoint in Sri Lanka aswell, it`s about two years ago now. And when i go back, I`m planning to stay over a longer period in SL.

I`m an outgoing, enthusiastic person who easily motivate others. For years I`ve been working directly or indirectly with people in hospitality. The reason why I`m good at what I do is because I love it, and I love people. creating good experiences for others, is one of the things I love doing.

For me, yoga and travelling is a lifestyle; Sharing moments, the ocean, connecting, making memories. Meeting like-minded people. To learn from each other. To cross boarders and cultures with an open heart and mind.

I also surf, or I kinda spend more time under than above water – but I enjoy it! So I try to spend as much time in the water as possible. So a job that combines yoga & surf is optimal.

Kook 4 life!

Love, A