Alexis Maucourant
AERIAL-PHOTO Sup Surf Surf Photography

Hi, my name is Alex,

This year I have been traveling around the globe to surf and catch pictures. So far in 2018 I did : Sri Lanka – Indonesia – Reunion Island – France – Mexico – Costa Rica.

Now I am back to Reunion Isalnd where I have been surfing since 20 years, practising shorboard/malibu/longboard/bodysurf and paddleboard.

In France I am certified as a Professionnal Drone Pilot. It means that I can do aerial works for industries. That was my job for 2 years before traveling. I was working for a Drone Company, doing industrial works with drone for inspection or filming for entairtenment and telivision.

I am also certified as a cabin crew member on planes. During 5 years, I was working accross the globe, in direct contact with customers from differents countries. As a Cabin Crew member, I was also trained every year for first aid assisstance.

Today my goal is to keep traveling for surfing and to do photography and videography at the same time. I have my own surfboard, drone, ground camera equipment and a GoPro for underwater shots.
So if you think my profile can match for what your are looking for, do not hesitate to send me a email !

Go also checck my Instagram @VolcaDrone for more details about what I can do.

Thank you for reading !

Have a nice day and maybe see you around.