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Hi, my name is Alexis and I am 34years old man.

I consider myself as a Globe Trotter. Always looking for places to discover and I can not really stay more then 1 year at the same place.

After a surf trip in Bali, I am now in Réunion Island, which is next to Madagascar. I am working until the beginning of 2020 on a project to publish a treck book of the Island with a publisher edition. The specificity of this book is everything is done with a Drone and it combines also videos! Yes a book with videos is possible with new app and technology, really interesting. More to develop when it will be release..

For that, in France, I am certified as a Professionnal Drone Pilot. It means that I can do aerial works for industries or companies. That was also my main job for 2 years with a French Drone Company . I was working as a Drone Pilot and Instructor. Specification for industrial works with drone for inspection or filming for entairtenment and telivision.

With stokednomad I am looking for a position of photographer/videographer or Social media developer. I can help you to grow your business online by creating amazing content. They will be out of ordinary. Customers will be attracted because you have good products and services to offer. They will feel this good vibration trough the photos, videos or text. But for that you need to make sure that you understand what you provide, who do you want to touch and transmit it correctly. Be Out of the ordinary! Extraordinary is what you want!!!!

Go also checck my Instagram @VolcaDrone for more details about what I can do.

Thank you for reading !

Have a nice day and maybe see you around.


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