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You have already been kitting since some years and like the idea to travel to new spots and meet new cultures. But, you still need to work, so you can’t just live from the air. Here you will know some tips how to become a kitesurf instructor.

More and more people are looking not just for a tourist travel mode. They’re looking for adventure. So it is happening in the kitesurfing sector. Many digital nomads are into ejoying during their travel journey to practice a bit of kitting. Coworkings and colivings are growing next to the beaches and kitecamps and kitesurf classes are getting installed around the globe. Instructors are needed all the time everywhere.

This is a good oportunity to get the right requirements to start earning money travelling and being next to nice spots kitting.

First of all. Get a certification. There a many but the ones that will work in all the countries will be IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) or the VDWS (International School Association for Watersports).

The IKO Level 1 would be the minimum required and you’ll need powerboat certification & First Aid like for surf instructor.

The VDWS is also ok being also International recognized but is more general into all watersports.

Second. You’ll need to know languages. More you know better you’ll get paid and more offers you’ll have. Essential english. German, spanish, russian, chinese, portuguese are the most demanded too.

Third. Have good comunication skills and passion for teaching.

Fourth. After getting the certification do an internship at some school. This will help you see other skills that you should know about working as a kitesurf instructor. Like office work, handle payments & rents,…

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6 August, 2019 stokednomads