Kitesurf event only girls in Tarifa, Spain

an interview to one of the two event organiser Azi Rojas

I’m really glad to have your time today. I know that last weeks where a bit busy for you. But, honestly, how is it to live in the kitesurf paradise Tarifa?

To live here is a dream, you can kite almost every day, the town is small, cozy and beautiful, the beaches are amazing, every sunset is stunning and the people is the best, just good vibes!!!

How is it about the best seasons? Could we say one can go all year and enjoy the wind and the fiesta? 😀

For sure!! The wind is pumping the whole year, the weather is cool, and you can hang out every day and meet new people. Summer is an amazing madness, too many people but also super fun! The locals who live here, like me, we do not stop 🙂

I prefer the months of March to July and September to November

When I think about the south, immediately it comes to me the fire and passion of this region. When I look at you somehow I feel the same energy. Are you from there?

I moved here almost 8 years ago, I was born in Jaén, near Granada, so I am Andalusian and as you say, we carry fire and passion inside 🙂

So we can say you are already a local.

It has to be awesome to hang with you around for foreigners 🙂

Yes!! I also love meeting new people and show them Tarifa so that they enjoy as locals, I bought an apartment and rent rooms, you can not imagine the new friends I have and how well we had fun doing kite and hanging out!

You were involved in these last days on a kitesurf event in Tarifa. Could you tell us a bit more about it?

It has been something wonderful, it is the first event of this kind in Spain, an official meeting of kite girls living in Spain and of course Tarifa was the best destination, we have gathered more than one hundred girls and the number of girls keeps growing for next year.

The best thing has been to meet them all, share this sport and spend an incredible weekend! The goal is to empower women through kitesurfing, it is not a competition so the level does not matter, our sponsors provided us with all the new material next year, classes, clinics, gifts … it has been a dream come true.

Uauuu, Amazing!

How did all start?

The first meeting was in 2010 when Isa felt there were not enough women in kitesurfing. The vision of Isa about the event was to see a whole beach full of girls kiting. I started to work with her in this third meeting and it was stunning! A dream come true, we are cool working together and we have the same vision. 

We were almost one hundred girls and now almost many more are interested !! So we are preparing the web to make this more formal because now is an official eventHappy 🙂

Also because we got the best sponsors ever and the girls couldn’t imagine the high level of the eventfor sure, I think that the best date is in October

That’s so cool! That shows perfectly the organic growth of the project 🙂


Getting back into living in Tarifa. How are the costs of living? What should expect some average person going there for one month?

The difficult thing in Tarifa is to find work for the whole year, the rents are becoming high, because it is a small town and can not be built anymore, since it is a protected nature reserve.

In my case, I work online in my own projects, so I do not depend on anyone, my friends who work for example as waiters has problems because in the low season there are fewer hours of work or even close to many places, like bars, shops or even the schools of kite, but year by year tourism is distributed throughout the year and the mentality is changing, so will be better in a few years 🙂

That ́s a perfect play if you work online

Oh, I see…

How is it about staying on a van?

Is it possible? or are there some legal issues?

It is possible to live in a van, but the laws are also changing, we locals strive to keep this paradise clean, but many times tourists do not and due to complaints the laws change

Yes, agree. Still can’t understand why people are so disrespectful!

In fact I am thinking of renting my whole house in summer and living in the van in front of the sea and the kite spot with my puppy

Ah hahahaha great!!

yeahhh 🙂

barefoot life please!

agree 🙂

How is it for vegans there?

Nice question! more and more awareness and more places with vegan options, I eat vegan, I move easily between the different options there are!

When I came here, there were only 2 places to eat vegan, now I can go much more places

Could you recommend some nice places where to hang out? like bars, restaurants,…


Bars and restaurants:

Eco Center Tarifa, Grow, Power House, Chilimosa, Zumoso, Tarifa Bowls….and other places with vegan options

To hang out: You always find me in Tomatito surf Bar or Exit Bar ( the only kite bar in the town )


I have to confess that I’ve watched some of your graphic design and your photos and I love it. So as a graphic designer, photographer, marketing, blogger,… and loving boardsports and yoga. You have to be a perfect teammate for any project related to these sports. For the business and on the internet side. Have you already worked on any of these kinds of companies? Could you tell us a bit about your skills and works?

Oh thanks! 8 years ago I started with my own online agency of graphic design, web creation and online marketing, I work from home and I have many clients in Tarifa as for the rest of the world due to my social side LOL

I am also a photographer and video maker and creator of projects such as the girls kiters event, but I have some more.


Yes!! Vipanana, but i need to update my website….first kiting LOL


I understand. It happens also to me. You dedicated too much time on others work so you forget to update your own!


Where can we find you on internet?

my websites ¿or social media?

Where you would like to be contacted?

Instagram would be perfect! @azitunilla 



We are also going to leave at the end your stoked nomads profile so people that are interested in contacting you for rent the house or just meet you or hire you for some remote work can easily find you…

it sounds perfect!! Thanks!!

Ok, before finnish. Would you like to promote something? Any future projects? Share some thoughts to the readers? Anything 🙂

Just myself, I like to find new people, share my vibes, be a reference in Tarifa and help people who come and need information or just a friend to do things, if I had to say something, I would promote myself as a photographer or mentor of projects, I like to know people from these perspectives. 

An upcoming event: Another meeting of girls, but skate and in Madrid  yeahhh

thoughts: 𝙻.𝙸.𝙵.𝙴 // L𝚒𝚟𝚒𝚗𝚐 I𝚗𝚜𝚙𝚒𝚛𝚎𝚍 𝚊𝚗𝚍 F𝚞𝚕𝚏𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚍 E𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢𝚍𝚊𝚢

You are gonna make a skate event in Madrid?

Yes i’ll do! Someone from Movistar proposed to be my sponsor for an event of what I want. Kite in Madrid is a bit difficult LOL

So, skate!!!

Share the info in stoked nomads and we’ll post it on all social media

I am very grateful

Ok!! I´ll do it!!!

It was a pleasure Azi!

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