Yoga instructor job in Africa

Border Track, Filli, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
1000 9 July, 2019

Since 22 August 2019 to 31 January 2020

United Arab Emirates






Yoga instructor job in Africa. I m looking for an educated/experienced, loyal and honest yogainstructor/ personal trainer and massage therapist to go twice or 3x a year for 1-1,5 month to the beautiful Ivorycoast to train with my lovely private client in the team with me and someone else. We will rotate and all work in a team together throughout the year! When you are in Europe… maybe you want to escape the winter?
French is an advantage- but a bit of English is also fine. ( sometimes it’s good to not understand everything 🤣🙉)

So I am looking for 2 people ( no couple job or no families! Just one trainer at a time )
It is a great!!! salary, a really great client, great trips with NO costs. It is pretty much winning the lottery and living a luxurious life with 2hours of work a day. 🤣🙏
It would be for this year:
22nd Aug to 22nd or 28th Sept( can be flexible)
Then 20th Oct 1,5 month, then mid January… and the following years ( as it is planned as a long term relationship)
Special focus: feet, walking, posture, core& back strength & mobility, yoga BASICS!

Flights and visa and Everything is paid for!
You can earn some euros and see the world!

Additions: massage Skills for 2-3 massages a week, must have nutrition Knowledge, preferred female, Max age: 45
You can involve yourself in Yogafrica during the days as the sessions with the clients are just morning & evenings.

Apply now, and spread the word.

NOTE: Dates are approx.

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