Staff for Skydive center in U.S.

Skydive Spaceland Houston,
Brazoria County, Texas, United States
1000 20 December, 2021

Since 1 March 2022 to 30 September 2022

United States






2022 is approaching quickly, and you’re likely starting to think about your options for next year. I’d really like to put Skydive Spaceland Houston on your radar.
We’re a year-round dropzone with a high volume of tandems, AFF students, outside video, and a very talented community of fun jumpers.
Our goal is to develop more long-term instructional staff. We have a new pay structure which incentivizes and rewards the people who stick around, as well as paying more to multi-rated instructors.
We are a skydiving school in every sense, and this is a great place to grow your personal and professional skills. Whether your goal is to become a better instructor, obtain additional ratings, or to focus on your own flying skills as a progressing skydiver, we’ve got everything you need to make it happen.
We have several slots opening up for the 2022 spring season, and have limited availability for an immediate start!
To express interest or request additional information, please reach out via email.

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