Guest blog about your seasonal work

Since 21 August 2019 to 1 January 2021





United Kingdom 


Have you got, or did you ever have, a seasonal job that you love? Ski season, beach cafe work, surf instructor, summer camp leaders, or bar work? Or a more unusual post?

We are looking for people who have had a seasonal job, past or present, and who are willing to appear in a short video clip or written article on our website (, to encourage others to take up seasonal work.

In return, I will publish an author bio, which will give you and your skills some promotion! It can contain a picture, and links to your social media (Linkedin)/website.

All I would need is a short clip of you (taken in private on your phone – I won’t be coming round and interviewing!) just talking about the job you did, and what skills you took away. Did it take you to new places, what did you gain from it (yes, you can mention great tips or free meals!) or did it lead to a permanent position or a new-found career?

Please don’t mention the name of the business – be very general (a beach cafe, a ski resort etc), and please be general, positive and polite!

If you would prefer to avoid video and write a short paragraph instead, that’s fine!

It is purely so our web visitors can see what they can achieve by applying for one of our jobs.

Please send your clips or words to me via email (

Thank you so much – your help is much appreciated, and I hope it can lead to more people getting great seasonal jobs!