Dive instructor job in Dutch Caribbean

Saba divers,
Hato, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands, Netherlands
1000 24 September, 2019

Since 1 November 2019 to 1 November 2020







Dive instructor job in Dutch Caribbean

We at Saba Divers are looking to fill a position for our small family run shop on the small island of Saba in the Dutch Caribbean. We at Saba Divers strive to create a safe, fun and personal dive experience for our customers. Saba is also known as having some of the best diving in the world which is a huge bonus to whoever gets selected to fill this job!!!

The ideal candidate for this position will have at least 2 of the following qualifications..

Speak at least 2 languages, English is a must.

Have experience driving a single/twin screw inboard vessel

Have experience in equipment maintenance on all scuba components.

Additional mechanical skills and hands on ability are a must.

CV must be accompanied with an short essay answering the following questions;
Why would you like to work on Saba? What do you feel could be your biggest contribution to Saba Divers?
Why are you currently seeking work in the dive industry?