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San Roque, Campo de Gibraltar, Cádiz, Andalusia, 11360, Spain
1000 25 September, 2021

Since 15 October 2021 to







Are you a school or individual instructor of any water sport? Spending all days on the beach? Become an ambassador for Alon Clothing! If you are active instructor or a school owner, contact us for a 40% discount for ALL our products. We valid your work and Alon Clothing is for you.
Hi I’m Jarka and I am a designer and founder of Alon Clothing, and I have been teaching kitesurfing and windsurfing for over 10 years. My experience as an instructor gave me an idea to start Alon Clothing. My designs are suppose to help you and protect you during the daily tasks on the beach. The fabrics are with UV protection, hoodies to avoid headaches, build-in bandanas to protect you from sand and very strong wind, tops designed to release the pressure off of your shoulders, high waste bottoms for comfort and style, light weighted windbreaker jackets easy to take during traveling. All this is designed thanks to many years of experience in working on the beach. Contact me through the chat on the website and get your 40% discount.

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