CV for extreme sports. How to write one and get jobs

for surfer, kitesurfers, skiers, snowboarders, skydivers, divers, freedivers, climbers,…

Ok, well, the job that you’re looking is for not for sit on an office.

And the one who is gonna read it it’s also a bit like you. Then, Why are you writting this typical CV for boring jobs?

You need to create a CV for extreme sports.

Of course your name has to be there, and a photo where we can see good your face. But be concise and show what is important.

After that get to a more visual and atractive presentation. You’re talking to adrenaline junkies right?

So first of all.

Put your name and a nice photo where we all can see that you’re a human.

Second Put your name and a nice photo where we all can see that you’re a human.

Add how many languages do you speak & additional skills.

Add your social media account.

Yes, add it.

But not your personal one. Create one professional.

On Instagram! and in LinkedIn if you already don’t have one.

Write your ways to be contact:

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Skype

Create a Youtube channel. Yes, make nice videos. For sure you already have ton of videos. Edit it nicely and create a nice professional account.

Do it for paper but more important do it as a web portfolio. Most of the people that you want to contact for jobs will be via chat or mail. Embed your professional social accounts where they can directly see your videos and photos gallery. Link directly your contact. And all in one page! So they do not waste time moving from one page to other.

Do it so and in two minutes they will see who you are, your certifications, skills and connections.

And all whithout being boring.

Go for it!

Here some profiles

IG stokednomads