How to live as a ski instructor

Interview to Jason Wright

Hi Jason it’s a pleasure to talk to you. Where do you come from?

Ireland: 🇮🇪

and How did you start snowboarding?

I went to school in London

I started with a school trip when I was 11 skiing

You do mostly ski but also snowboard right?

Yes both now

I like to snowboard after work a lot.  I learned to snowboard 8 years ago in Japan

And you work as an instructor?

but yes teach it lots to

So you teach skiing mostly right?


How is the work as an instructor? How is a normal day?

Sometimes both in the same day

We can have all day lesson, 5/6 hours, or 2/3 hour lessons with different clients. So it could be beginner lesson in the morning and high lesson in the afternoon

How do you get the jobs?

From my ski school, or returning guests. Or referrals

Since how long have you been an instructor?

10 years and 16 winters, as I worked in Australia and New Zealand

10 years/16 winters. if that makes sense

Where do you work mostly?

Now I am in zermatt Switzerland, and will stay here. Due to COVID I lost my summer job in Australia.

I have worked 6 winters in Austria  and 4 in Japan.

4 in Australia

2 in New Zealand

How did covid affect your work?

very badly, lost all my jobs, first in Japan when it hit, then I was meant to teach in Austria for spring/Easter time, and then the summer job in Australia. But luckily things worked out for me in Switzerland.

Many instructors lots all there work

Yes, we see that on stokednomads

And how is it on Switzerland? Do you like it?

It’s good, they kept the ski resorts open. I like it, my end goal was to work here or in France

Japan was great but to far away from my family in Ireland

I understand. I was born in Switzerland. In Bern and remember well the winter seasons. It was fun

it’s a great county! So clean and chill

hahaha . Bit expensive 😂 and quite...

But good salaries right?

Yes 🙌

Which are your favourite places?

now Zermatt

from Japan, Australia,…?

 I love them all, but they are really really different. Japan snow and food is amazing

I love teaching Australians who are crazy and fun. First language is English so that really helps

Do you speak more languages?

Not really, not good enough to teach and great lesson, I can teach children in German

Das ist gut!


To someone that wants to become an instructor. What would be your advice?

There are some really amazing courses that take you through everything, but they can be very expensive.

They are the best way. 

But you can get an evening job in a resort ski/snowboard all day and take your exam at the end of winter. Speak to the local ski schools and they will give you work and let you join trainings in the busy periods.


Do you have any sponsorship?

How did you get it?

I have a goggles sponsor, ski and ski app. 

I met my goggle sponsor through my old ski school in Japan and the other through Instagram. 

Hopefully getting more this winter.

How do you make the videos? Which equipment do you use? I love them BTW

Thanks, mainly using go pros. Lots of practice. I try to film all my guests

I’ve seen you also do wakeboard. Did you start this season or have you been practice before?

Just started, but I kitesurfing a little too. Wakeboarding is like riding deep snow on a snowboard

Nice advice

Where did you make kiteboarding? 

I kite In Ireland, Thailand, Australia, Japan Sri Lanka, uk I’m the off season I try to like.

Hopefully be a instructor soon.

Have you tried kitesnow?

No I have not snow kites yet. But hopefully this winter


So, we came to the end of the interview. Would you like to add something any advice or something?

Yes, If you really want to do something don’t over think what could go wrong, just go for it and it will work out.

Thanks a lot for your time!

That is a good advice 🙂

Your welcome, thank you, and have a great day sir!