How to freedive. Tips from a world record holder

an interview to Chris Redl

tips from a professional freedive instructor

Last time we wanted to meet him, it was also the austrian TV on his calendar. Chris you’re a man in demand.10 world records, stuntman, actor, playboy dude,… You just have it all. What we need to achieve our life goals?

It’s easy – you need a dream and you should always ask – WHY you want it and how hard … Because than you have the motivation to reach it …

freediver world record holder
IG @chris.redl
freediver world record holder
IG @chris.redl

Everything is About Motivation in your life

Yes, sometimes fear just blocks us from getting to the place that we dream of. You as a professional freediver, it’s clear that you had to overcome many barriers to achieve some what apparently seems inhuman goals. How did you start into freediving?

I was 6 years old when I got my frist fins and mask from my Uncle … with 10 I started also scuba diving … With 17 I saw the movie “The Big Blue” and I want to be a professional freediver … My parents were not really happy 🙂 but I saw also another movie – “Wallstreet” – so I finished School and worked in a bank … But I worked 13 years on my big Dream and with 30 I stopped working in the bank and now I am a professional freediver …

Oh, ok. So you also have knowledge about finances.

Tell me how did you come to try to achieve a world record? How was the training?

oh yes i do 🙂 at the beginning I was also competing in freediving competitions, but I realized it’s hard to find Sponsors and you also get not so much media Coverage … So I believed that world records are much better. I know that I Need Sponsors to make Money for Living – with world records you get media Coverage and with media Coverage you get Sponsors 🙂 I checked the Guiness book of records and found a record in freediving under ice – this was the beginning …

Good advice

it’s really easy when you know what you want in your life – because then you find ways to reach it

I can’t be more with you

the most important Thing in life – make a decision and work on it

I’ve seen that many of your world records are related into cold temperatures. I’ve been practicing the Wim Hof Method, but honestly here in Spain even in winter isn’t a hard challenge. As a freediver mind control is crucial and into coldness keep a calm state also. What other techniques do you practice? Meditation? Yoga? Some tips?

I do some breathing exercises and most Import mental training. I think the mental Training is the most important part . I do a lot of Focus exercises and Relaxing is also a key to success

Positive thinking Needs less Oxygen than negative 🙂

I didn’t know that!

But makes sense. Less struggle?

sure – if you think negative your heard beat is higher …


I try that my heart beat is around 60 when I start Holding my breath and goes down to around 30 …

What kind of pre-exercises would you recommend to somebody that wants to make a freedive course?

not too much – it’s better to learn it directly in the Course … you should be able to swim – that’s all …

you can learn in 1 Hour to double your time underwater!

I had 8.000 students in 20 years – most of them – 99% double the time or made much more than that …

That is a big number! Tell us a little bit about your courses. Where do you make them? How long do they take? and dates?

freediving under the ice
freedive practice

So normally the Courses are two days … at the first day you learn how to breathe and relax … most of the time in a Swimming pool – we do the breathhold and dynamic freediving (distance in the pool) and on the second day we go in a lake or sea to do the Deep freediving …

In Austria, Germany, Switzerland or in the winter: Bahamas, Maldives, Egypt (all the nice places).

but if you are a Group of People I teach everywhere 🙂

After the interview I’m going to snorkel a bit with a friend. I’ve tested some goggles. At the end I bought a ‘mares’ equipment. Is it true that potato helps to not get it with fog? What to do if you get water inside even if they are good on your face, vaseline? Some more tips?

ok Mares is really nice and good … if you have a new mask you should use our lighter to burn the protective layer inside the glasses… for each dive you just have to spit in the mask and clean it – you will never have a fog 🙂 And if you have a snorkel and you go underwater by Holding your breath, please take out the snorkel out of your mouth… when you reach the Surface you can easily breath… Before you freedive – you should inhale and double the time for the exhale – it helps you to relax… Do it a few times and than hold your breath.

Great advice!! Yes! the lighter stuff, have heard about. About the snorkel, got yesterday exactly this discussion! Did it! What is for you the best gear? Which are your sponsors? What do sponsors look when they are looking to some ambassadors?

The snorkel is very important – also for saftey reasons … the best gear is from Mares or Cressi. Mares is one of my Sponsors. It changed in the last years – companies are now Looking for much more social media stuff than before. You need Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. more followers means more Money 🙂

hahaha ok

You are in many projects but one of them is compromised with the oceans and the sharks if I’m not wrong. Could you tell us a bit about it?

Yes I love Sharks – really! Nothing is better than freediving with them!

Sharks are very important for our Oceans and that’s why we need to protect them – People kill each year around 100 Million Sharks – Sharks kill around 6 to 8 People… Without Sharks our Oceans die – when the Oceans die – human die! every second breath we take is from the Oceans! That’s why I founded a Project with the Name “7Oceans – for the love of the Oceans”. 


At the end of the interview it would be nice that you leave all the links of your projects…

I will just break new worldrecords to create Attention to this important Topic!

Let us be informed to publish to the community!

You have traveled a lot freediving. Which would be your 5 best spots to practice freedive?

I really love French Polynesia – amazing place and really cool to freedive with humback whales … Bahamas for freediivng with Sharks, Greenland with the ice mountains, Maldives because its paradise and last in mountain lakes – Cold but Crystal clear water

Could you tell us any anecdote during your freedive travels?

I have so many 🙂 but the best one I think was in French Polynesia. I was there with my camera man and friend Peter, he was Living there for many years. We tried to freedive with humpback whales. One day we found a male – sleeping at around 10 meters Depth. he was around 15 meters Long. I was diving down and watch his closed eye – the distance was around 5 meters … Peter told me I should swim Closer to get a better pic. I ask how close? Much Closer was the answer … He is sleeping … Ok – I did it and the distance was just 1 meter from his closed eye – its huge 🙂 

freedive record
freediver breathe technic
freediver with shark


When I started to swim back to the Surface my fins created some water pressure and the whale woke up! In one second I watched in his opened black eye and he frightened and of Course me too. Normally when they sing underwater its very high this time it was a very Deep Sound from the whale … He dived down and I dived up … 

Holly encounter! Impressive for both, I guess!

Was strange because of the Deep Sound of him, I felt that my heart beat was out of Control …


Was really strange … If you freedive, most of the animals in the water come much Closer than during a scuba dive!

They are more confident?

Yes and you create no bubbles and noise …  So they think you are an interesting fish 🙂

hahaha. Chris, what are your future projects?

I will try in a view weeks a new world record attempt in a very cool lake in Austria – if they Project is going on as planned … And most important to work on “7Oceans” …

Sehr gut

danke 🙂

Before finnish would you like to tell something more?, any advice? promote something? 🙂

Only one Thing: Please try to Keep our Oceans clean and protect what you love … 



Thanks for your time! I’m going to put in practice right now some of your tips snorkeling!


Wish you a great day!

I have to say thanks you!

freedive instructor

IG: @Chris.redl and @savethe7oceans