Experiences from a traveler yoga teacher

an interview to Christine Rose

Hi Christine, How are you? I see that you are in Endurer fitness and also that you’re moving to several places. Has it always been with EF or have you moved before being a yoga teacher. How did all start?

Hey there! I just returned from a week off, at the ocean, so I’m really fine

In 2018 I participated at the endurer fitness sports camp in Croatia. During the week, they got to know that I am doing yoga and asked me if I wanted to teach a class during the camp. it was great, so we continued with the yoga classes. so that’s how the teaching started. since January 2019 I am teaching  regular classes at their home base near Munich.


How did you start into yoga? Where have you learnt?

I started yoga about 12 years ago. I had a great teacher, Stefanie Erb, she is a dancer, dancing teacher, choreographer and yoga teacher

In which kind of yoga are you into?

well, I like all kind of flowing movement, and use also some  inspiration from dance, fitness and other sports I did. So it’s a nice vinyasa flow style

In Croatia, how was it to teach on other language? Was your first time?

in Croatia we did in fact only German classes, the participants spoke all German. but I was in a surf camp in Andalusia in winter, where I had about 10 German and 5 Scottish people. my yoga class was half-German, half-English, and on top we had an audience.

What? Haha


How it was there? In which part of Andalucia where you?

in the beginning it was super weird, but in the end I definitely liked it. El Palmar de Vejer, near Cádiz spent my Christmas days there. at the beach

Oh nice. In which other places have you traveled? Which would be your top nature spots where you practiced yoga?

my favorite yoga spots are directly at the beachfront, on hills, mountains, and lakes. just visited Sardinia and Corsica by sailing boat, both definitely worth a visit. there is a group of tiny islands called La Maddalena, which provides super stoked nature spots. Portugal heavily impressed me, especially the Algarve. I also loved Mexico where I was several years ago.

yoga teacher
yoga teacher

In 2020 I want to travel and work as a yoga teacher in surf camps, wakeboard camps, other sports camps, on sailing boats, in yoga studios. any special spots that cross my way around the globe.

Oh, that is fantastic! What advice would you give to someone that wants to travel teaching yoga? What other skills do you think are necessary?

wherever I am, I love detecting some cozy sites to relax, and also meditate and do yoga there.


a yoga teacher training, some teaching experience and language skillz are a pretty basis. sort out which camps/studios/etc. interest you. connect with people. you could also say that some marketing and sales proficiency will help as well but basically the rest will simply work out.

yogi travelling

How it was a normal day at the surfcamp?


delicious breakfast as a starter. followed by a good amount of surf for sure. and usually a relaxing after-surf yoga class. in Andalucia we changed the yoga spot each day – beachfront, garden of the main house, other gardens. and still there was enough time to chill before dinner. Depending on the wave forecast sometimes also early morning yoga. but I am usually more enthusiast for the lazy-bird classes

That looks a dream day!

Oh yes, those are dream days!

Ok Christine, we have come to the end of the interview. Hope that comes a yoga job offer that fits to you. You’ll be notified if something comes on Stoked Nomads. Any country predilection?

Cool. Would you like to finnish telling something more? Promote something? Advice?…

would love to catch a job via stoked nomads! currently I’m focusing on Europe, Asia, South America, but I’m also open for great spots and people anywhere else.

anyone who would like to connect and bring something up together – just get in touch. I’m fan of fancy concepts, cooperating, being creative. I have plenty of ideas and would love to discuss some.


It was a pleasure!

my pleasure! thanks a lot for the interview. all the best and keep enjoying 🙂

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