Dive instructor. How to become one & travel the world

You may have been on a summer trip & went to a little scubadive trip. You loved it. Well, you are not the only one. Many discover this way that being underwater is an incredible experience. Have you being teached by a dive instructor?

Now, what about working as a diver?

Good news, that is possible. But before keep in mind that it will not be just about diving. But let’s go step by step.

First of all you need to get the accreditations that certify that you’re able to teach and be responsible of a group of people:

Open Water Course first. Get experience about diving until 18 meters deep. Get confident underwater.

Rescue Diver EFR Primary and Secondary Care (CPR and first aid) Learn some rescue skills. After getting this course and having several dives you’re able to get the certification to start to work in the recreational dive industry.

Divemaster Do a course or an internship. This will help you also to see how it is a diver daily life. Now, you’ll get more focused on taking care of others underwater.

PADI instructor. With this course you’ll be able to teach alone. There are other certifications but with the PADI instructor course you’ll find work everywhere.

There are additional courses and skills to learn that can help you to get other positions like underwater photography or cave diving.

Learn languages. English is essential. German, spanish, russian & chinese are a big plus. You’ll handle with people from around the world so dive centers are always in need of people with language skills.

Find other divers here that will inspire you.

Try also to connect with them.

They may help you find some courses, jobs as a dive instructor.

Find dive jobs here, courses here & trips here.

Learn how to create your C.V. here