Skydive group jump in Algarve

Since 21 March 2019 to 24 March 2019


All levels 



At Skydive Seven in Algarve, Portugal
With Steph Fardel, Joelle Kunz and Mac Sam
From Pilatus Porter to 15000 ft (4500m)
For 28€/ jump ticket
Registration for 200€ (3 days of camp + 1 day bonus)
Here we go Folks,
We have prepared some awesomeness just for you lucky bastards. This first workshop is dedicated to orbital jumps, and it’s the beginning of epic shit!
Orbital jumps are basically dynamic jumps, involving minimum two references where most of the skydives involve only one: the leader.
All levels are welcome, from beginners (after A level or B2) to ninjas. According to the flyers skills, we are going to create patterns between or around several references in the sky (leaders, formations, tubes, bananas, cows, whatever). The aim is to improve your 3D awareness during flight, to train to look around. To understand better your absolute trajectory using several landmarks. And for sure to improve your technique, knowledge and flying skills….yes, it’s a workshop you can postpone laziness, it’s gonna be a loooooot of fun.
And who else to choose than a master of masters, the Babylon’s dad himself, the big Stef Fardel to make this event even more epic?! Hooooo Yeah!!
This 1st edition is not level specified, every body can apply there is no minimum requirement, we will create groups according to your experience. Let see what you’ve got!
Friday – Saturday – Sunday
– Workshop with Steph Fardel and Bananas
– 6 to 8 jumps per day. Brief, jump, pack, debrief, repeat!!
– Optional Stretching and warming up sessions every morning
Bonus Thursday warm up:
– Paper work
– Gear check
– Skydating (2 ways)
– Load organizing with Bananas
Opening briefing on Friday October the 27th at 8:15am, be ready to jump by then (gear check and administrativ work done)
Only 16 slots available and 40 days to go!! GO GO GO!
Click on the following link and fill up the registration form:
If you would like to join this awesome event but you cant because of the dates, create your opportunity, and choose your own dates!! Click the link below and select the days you would like to make this event happen (we will organize it at the most demanded dates):
We want to make our sport safer so people can keep on spreading the Bananas spirit. Working on awareness appears evident, but we rarely train it specifically. From this point we decided to create orbital camps and even push the topic further…some epic shit is coming….stay tuned.
Let’s go Bananas!

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