Sardegna Dynamic workshop

Since 27 December 2018 to 29 December 2018


All levels 



December the 27th-28th-29th 2018
At Skydive Sardegna (SS 387 km 22,9, 09040 Sardinia)
3 Pilatus Porter to 14000 ft for € 27 jump tickets
-All Levels are welcome-
Whether you are interested in learning the basics of group angle and dynamic flying, sharpen your skills, or get new ones before the Christmas Sardinia Boggie, this small camp format is for you.
​- Registration: 210€
– 3 days of workshop
– 6 to 8 jumps per day. Brief, jump, pack, debreif, repeat!!
– Optional Stretching and warming up sessions every morning
– Participants will be organized by skill level in goups of maximum 4
– Coaches will rotate
– Opening briefing on Friday October the 27th at 8:30am, be ready to jump by then (gear check and administrativ work done)
– Refunds will be charged 50€
– Within 15 days from the event no refunds will be processed unless a replacement for your slot is found.
– Being able to fly safely in groups of 5 (4 participants plus 1 coach).
– Being able to fly angles safely in your designated quadrant in either back or belly.
Joelle Kunz
Carlos Marques
Mac Sam
1. Send a mail to and we will send you the instructions and the corresponding forms for camp and accommodation and shuttles.
The kind of jumps will depend on the skills of the participants. It could be from learning the basics of angle flying (exit, reach the formation, fly properly a designated slot and break off) to improving lines and efficiency during dynamic jumps (mix head up tracking, head down tracking with transitions). We will spend time on briefings and debreifing, and organize jumps to try to push the participants out of their comfort zone.
Only 12 slots available go go go!
And after this hard training its boogie time till the 6th of January.
Click on the following link and fill out this Form:

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