IDC in Koh Chang, dive again!

Since 5 February 2022 to 4 March 2022





Why take DMT / IDC @ BBdivers?
You want to become a dive master or go all the way up to Padi Instructor ….
After some shopping around you’ll find that all of the padi IDC centers will offer a similar price package for the go pro training, so,
what sets BB divers apart …
At BBdivers we have all the required utilities in house! We have a purpose built trainings pool, a cozy traditional Thai classroom
in Bang Bao and one in Lonelybeach, staff instructors on the spot to help you out anytime, our own boats for trainings dives and
lots of students to train with! We can split the training over the 3 islands Koh Chang, Koh Kood or Koh Mak, or you can choose to
stay in Koh Chang for the whole training. We offer a very personal, extensive training, which is fun at the same time. The learning
environment is very relaxed, but the training is very thorough. What we focus on first of all is a good preparation, we refuse to create “robot candidates” who perform all in a similar way, but we make sure you master all needed skills in your own personal style.
We also teach in many different languages, although it is best to take a part of the training in English so you’ll be familiar with the
terminology once you start teaching. We do not only get you ready to pass the IE (instructor exam), but make sure that you are
ready to start teaching as soon as you get your PADI confirmation mail.
You will have a great time during the IDC and the preparation, you will be an instructor trained up to the best PADI standards, and
you will be ready to start work as soon as the course is finished.
We offer a guarantee pass, if not, then you can take the next IDC for free (if you worked for it that is!)
Another important plus for our IDC is Koh Chang, which is a very nice island to spend some time. The diving is great and the island
is one of the nicest in Thailand. At this point in time it is still a bit of an undiscovered dive location which means that we don’t have the
huge dive groups like some other popular destinations in Thailand. We have some great rooms or apartments in Bang Bao for our
And the biggest ‘ace’ is of course our BBdivers school. Most people really appreciate the professional environment that we offer on the boats and in the dive center. We keep our standards high but never forget that people come here to have a good time. That is why many keep coming back for more….it becomes their home away from home.
Every candidate has a different background and dive experience, so after reading this bit of information, feel free to email or call us for more detailed info or a personalized planning. The IDC schedule is the same for everyone, but a DM with 100 dives or a DM with
2000 dives will of course need a different preparation. We hope we can train you up to a good DM or a good OWSI, we offer you all the training and guidance needed to get ready, but the effort to work to become a good dive instructor has to come from you!

Minimum requirements to start the DMT
• Min required logged dives 40 to start the training
• Min level PADI rescue diver or equivalent
• EFR or proof of other first aid training in the last year
• Medical statement of good health for diving
• Minimum age is 18 years
Short description of DM training
Recommended training is 4 to 6 weeks, the trainee should have a min of 40 dives before starting the course, and min 60 before finishing. All needed dives to finish are included in the DMT, as are the necessary swimming pool sessions. The DMT trains as a dive guide and as an assistant for the instructor. Our trainees get to do all the training while assisting with real students, which is the
best learning process. After a few weeks you get to guide independently. First you guide colleagues and after you are given the ok,
you dive with ‘real customers’. All the time spend here is training, experience, some work of course and lots of fun….. Self study
is needed before the theory sessions, this can be done through padi e learning, and our instructors will help with hands-on information.
What do you need?
Dive equipment:
Every DMT should have a full set of dive equipment. If you still have to buy equipment, feel free to ask us for detailed prices. We
have new and secondhand equipment for sale, or we rent out equipment. For a good medium priced new set of equipment you should
count about 65.000 baht (all incl.), but of course you can go as fancy as you want! If you buy second hand it will cost about half this
price, depending on availability.
You will need a BCD, regulator set, suit, fins, mask, snorkel, compass, dive computer, knife and dive torch.
E-learning package

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