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100-hour Intensive Medical Yoga Therapy Training

Our Yoga Therapy & Anatomy Course is a Yoga Alliance Continuous Education Program (YACEP) and allows you to study and to experience the basic Yoga principles and Yoga Anatomy with the focus on how to treat and cure disease with Yoga in a therapeutical and medical approach.

This course is for:
– Yoga practitioners, who want to treat & cure themselves,
– for skilled teachers who want to expand the range of clients both private and group classes as well as increase the types of services they can offer and for
– students who are starting their yoga teaching journey and want to work from a therapeutic perspective with confidence before starting with the full 200h program.

The training offers a great range of education in Philosophy, Ayurveda, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Asana and of course Yoga Therapy.
The learned that can be incorporated into active as well as gentle practice- and class-formats.

The TTC-Teachers

We want our students to be responsible, well-educated professionals in their field. Thats why it is our heart-project to provide a high quality training only from professional teachers.
Y.M.C. is proud of it’s multiprofessional and international team of Yoga- and Movement teachers, doctors, bodyworkers, theraphists, scientists and artists to provide a unique and holistic program.

Lead Teachers

Prashant Tewatia as lead Yoga Teacher (please see Bio in our Website).
Vanessa Doll is lead Yoga Teacher Assistance & managing the TTC, works as contact person for the students (please see Bio in our Website).

Yoga Therapy

We are happy to collaborate with the Pune Aadyam Yoga Therapy Institute. The Yoga Therapy will be taught by Attar Shaikh, post graduate Diploma in Therapeutic Restorative Yoga with 14 years of experience and more than 10.000 treated patients.


We are happy to collaborate with Dr. Rajbir Dhillon (Physical Therapist, Therapeutic Yoga Consultant & a certified advanced fitness trainer) from the Ayurclinic Goa (Ayurveda Specialty Centre) in Mandrem. He will be teaching Anatomy of Yoga.

Philosophy & Ayurveda

Learn the secrets of Yogic traditions and Ayurveda from our hosts Mohit Singh and his team. They will provide correct knowledge from the original scriptures. While exploring and comparing Eastern and Western philosophies. Mohit was exposed to traditional Vedic philosophies throughout his childhoot. He begun practising yoga asanas from a young age, as this was a common form of exercise in his culture, even without a spiritual background. Mohit moved out of the city, to the beautiful beaches of Northern Goa to continue his passion, of learning, teaching and spreading knowledge of all aspects of yoga, philosophy and spirituality. Creating Morjim Yoga House has been his dream for many years, teaching an awareness of more than just yoga asanas, but including unique classes including Samkhya, Panchakarma and Vedanta.

What will you learn?

Our Yoga Therapy Course is giving you the tools to improve the physical well-being of your students as well as the way they relate to injury, illness or pain. You will be able to teach health-based, non-competitive, holistic oriented Yoga classes with students of all age groups, without fear of not knowing how to approach a student’s issue or recent injury as well as giving you confidence while teaching elderly students.
You will learn to improve your students overall health, starting from where-ever they are while exploring different aspects of Yoga with an therapeutical approach.

Why Yoga Therapy?

Many practitioners of Yoga often get inspired to start because of issues in their body such as injury, pain, and even chronic illnesses as well as because of stress, burn-out and mental health issues.
In our practice and way of teaching, we are focusing on the individual practitioners state, while creating a “tailor-made”, unique, health-supporting practice for the future-students of the courses participants and future-teachers.�

Yoga Therapy

With the help of props such as belts, ropes at the wall, chairs and blocks, alternate active and passive stretching of the muscles, Yoga Therapy gives health, flexibility, resilience and balance within the whole body-system.
Yoga therapy utilizes poses for physical correction of the body structure. With this special technique, this treatment offers postural correction and alignment of the body structure to maintain health of the internal spaces, i.g. joints and body cavities, and maintains the primary & secondary curvature of the spine. It treats and prevents physical health issues such as poor body-posture lower back-pain, neck-pain, knee-pain as well as Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes and IHD. It can also be used to support recovery after an accident and rehabilitation after surgery.

The basic principles are:
– Stretching of selective skeletal muscles,
– Restoration of the alignment of the bones,
– Correction of the weight bearing axis of body,
– Improvement of the Postural awareness,
– Passive Correction of the Pelvic- & Shoulder Girdles.

The Venue of our TTC Morjim Yoga House

Morjim Yoga House is a unique place to learn and practice both the physical and spiritual aspects of Yoga. Located within walking distance of one of the largest beaches in North Goa, the calming and friendly atmosphere will ensure you can focus on your practice and studying during specially curated retreats and one-off workshops. There is the opportunity to study with highly experienced Indian and International Yoga Asana and philosophy teachers, to gain a deeper understanding of many different schools of thought, particularly Hindu philosophy. Our teachers at Morjim Yoga House strive to help you in comparing western and eastern philosophies, and how to align these different perspectives.
Holistic growth in both mind and body are ensured through a Spiritual Partnership. Both teachers and students are encouraged to engage and learn from one another to assist in developing an understanding of one’s individual yogic journey. Teachers are encouraged to be a guide; providing a platform of support for each individual student through Asana and Philosophy classes, Satsang, and informal, collaborative discussions.
MY House is passionate about providing our students new knowledge that is based in true scientific and informed practical approaches. We are committed to helping you gain your own understanding of yoga asana and philosophies, from which to continue your unique spiritual journey. There will be daily asana, philosophy and panchakarma classes, alongside craft spaces and a woodcarving workshop area for guests to explore their creativity. At MY House there is also an organic kitchen, where guests can learn about many Ayurvedic foods, and enjoy freshly prepared cuisine using local ingredients.

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