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Hi !

Deciding where to do your PADI GoPRO / Divemaster Training & Internship is an important step, and choosing which facility is right for you can be difficult. I will set out below some information about us and our training programs, which I hope you will find helpful at this stage. It is a lot of information, and I hope it answers most of your questions. If you need anything else do not hesitate to contact me.

Who are we?
I work at moment for Pro Dive International in Mexico is a PADI Career Development Center facility. This
rating is given only to those IDC centres that provide the highest level of quality in
professional-level diver training, and the best track record for succeeding as an
instructor. We are one of the LEADING PADI CDC facilities in Latin America, with a dedicated team of Course Directors and Master Instructors trained to help you get the most from your diving career.

Please, take a little time to take a look at what some of our past candidates have to say about their
experience here with us:

Why come to Mexico?
Playa del Carmen is a vibrant and developed city, where you can find everything you will need – great accommodation options, economic food and restaurants, a very rich culture and a great social venue. We should not forget the stunning white sandy beaches which the area is famous for.

Riviera Maya is the only place in the world where you will find fresh water cave/cavern systems called Cenotes – hundreds of miles of long underground river/cavern systems which are the most extensive underground cavern systems worldwide with crystal clear water. Add to that beautiful coral reefs, whale sharks and bull sharks, and you have the best reasons to come here.

Our PADI CDC facility
Our Scuba Academy training facility is based in central Playa del Carmen, (in the
grounds of the Allegro Playacar hotel) within walking distance from 5th Avenue and our accommodation options attached. Our classroom is used exclusively for our GoPro candidates and is equipped with wi-fi, and the latest materials and study tools.
The GoPro Team
All candidates are given one-on-one counseling during all our programs, and all training is supervised by one our PADI Course Directors. Please note, at Pro Dive International and our academy, we have trained thousands of recreational and professional level divers since almost 20 years, so you can trust your professional training is in the very best hands with us.

Our view is that a Divemaster and IDC Training should not just aim to get you through the minimum standards, but should give you enough real-life tips and expert coaching to fully equip you for life as a PADI Professional.
We are passionate about our job and passionate about diving and we hope that you see this in our work!

After your Training
Pro Dive International is one of the most connected and established dive centres in the region, and the GoPRO team and I have a long-standing reputation for delivering high quality training. These two things, together with your own unique attributes will help you find employment and success as a dive professional after your graduation. Pro Dive operates thirteen different dive centres in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and are often in need of role model, multilingual and sales orientated professionals.
Here at Pro Dive International we only hire instructors who have a minimum the MSDT rating or who have completed the MSDT Preparation and internship with us. It makes sense that when Pro Dive is looking for new instructors to join their team, they look to our home-grown graduates first! We do believe choosing your CDC center is not only about obtaining a certification, but also can be a way to rocket start your future career.

We won’t promise you a job in order that you sign up for your IDC with us. It all depends on company logistics and season demands. Whilst being able to teach in different languages will help you find work, what is more important is having the right attitude and work ethic. We can provide the high-quality career-
orientated training, the rest is down to you!
How Much Does it Cost?
What you need to pay is divided into three parts: Training Prices; Required PADI Materials; and PADI fees. Please see below for our latest special offers. (prices include taxes, tanks, weights, boat and instructor fees, excludes ferry to Cozumel fee and transportation fee, Cenotes transportation fee and park fees): Please, check the link below. *Prices and fees are in American Dollars.*

What if you want more?
If you’re looking for something extra, we can offer you some special add-ons to make your experience extra special, with amazing savings for our GoPro candidates. Here are some examples – if you are interested just ask us for more information.

– Learn Spanish with our exclusive packages!
You can also make the most of your time here in Mexico by learning Spanish. Pro Dive has teamed up with one of the most renowned Spanish Schools in Latin America (Don Quijote) to give you the convenience of your professional scuba training with a 2-week intensive Spanish language course at special rates in the same trip.

– GoTEC (Tec 40/45/50 & Sidemount)
The Riviera Maya is probably most famous for its many cenotes and inter-connecting cave systems. We offer TecRec courses at special rates for our IDC

– Freediving
Freediving is about inward power, discipline and control. If you have always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long as your breath allows, then freediving is for you. In our opinion, there can be no place more suited to this sport than the beautiful cenotes. If you’re interested in learning to Freediving, we can help you with this!

Where can you stay?
Everyone has their own preferences, tastes and budgets when it comes to
accommodation, and for this reason we don’t provide accommodation during your
training with us.

We have done our own research, helped by our previous candidates’ experiences and found a selection of places which are all close to our IDC facility in Playa del Carmen, and close to the centre. I attach a separate document with more information on these accommodation options. If these do not meet your needs, please browse the web – Playa del Carmen is a big place and there are hundreds of housing options for you. If you need help to find the right location, just ask us.

Note that prices will generally be cheaper if you book per month. During the weeks
surrounding Easter, Christmas and New Year most places will charge a higher rate.
A few questions:
As you may see above, we have given you many reasons to join our team and start your training with us. But to help me to advise you better, please let me know the following information:

1. Your current level of training? Please let me know when
you were first certified as an entry-level diver (ex. Open Water Diver certification)?
2. How many dives have you logged so far?
3. Do you have your own set of dive equipment?
4. The training is preferably conducted with candidates having laptop computer
or tablet access. Do you have one you can use for the course?
5. Could you send us digital copies (or photos) of your PADI (or non-PADI) dive certifications?
We invite you to check our F.A.Q link :

To reserve the spot for your GoPRO training, we only require 50% deposit (not including PADI fees), the other 50% would be due upon arrival. Payment can be made online using our secure payments method and we DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA for this! Places on the training are limited depending on the season and payment of a deposit will secure your place. With the reservation you will be given access to your digital e-Learning material, where you can start preparing and studying online for your training prior to coming over. You will receive and email from PADI with instructions to sign up. Please also download the FREE APP – PADI TRAINING if you want to study with your smartphone or tablet.

Is there anything else you should know?
You will need to have a current medical certificate completed and signed by a physician to confirm that you are fit to dive. Although you can get this done here, I would recommend that you obtain this before you come. We can send you the appropriate form in your chosen language for you and your doctor to complete. It must be completed no more than 12 months prior to starting your GoPro training.
Remember that once you make your deposit you will have access to some great eLearning tools from us and from PADI to help you focus on your revision. And if you run into any difficulty, we are just an email or WhatsApp call away to help answer your questions.

SCUBA Equipment Needed:
Complete SCUBA Equipment plus PADI requires you to have the following additional equipment: dive computer, snorkel; whistle and underwater sound device; compass; dive knife; Surface Marker Buoy; reel OR spool and watch or timing device with seconds displayed as some skills are precisely 30 or 60 seconds (a dive computer is OK only if one can see seconds in dive mode or if dive mode can be disabled, otherwise a cheap waterproof watch is fine). If you do not have it yet, we can sort it out here, as we are SCUBAPRO partners and we have great deals to our GoPRO candidates.

I hope that this clarifies many of the questions that you have, but of course if you need any more information to be able to carefully consider things just drop me an email or call me by WhatsApp. I am here to help you start your professional career.

Best regards,

Leo Saldunbides – PADI Course Director # 184808

Mobile / WhatsApp: +52 984 213-5902
Skype: Saldunbides

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