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Interview to Angela Pizarro

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So finally we made it! How is going on this strange time of quarantine?

Hey!! Finally here

Not so bad at all… Here in Spain it’s a little bit confusing

In Catalonia we are expecting what to do… The government isn’t giving so much information

Oh,  I see… are you at a city or in the countryside?



but my family in the city

and what about you???

Me everything fine 🙂 A bit sad that can’t go climbing or go to the ocean 🙁

Which are your thoughts about this new type of sickness?

I’m grateful for everything I have… but I think this kind of sickness would be the future

Why do you think so?

We should appreciate the present moment because everything can be finished now


Bacteriological wars could be the worst war

Citizens cannot change the situation so much and we need to adapt our lifestyles to this new situations to “survive”

Well, it is for sure that things are always changing and somehow we have also adapted to new circumstances. I think that all this new type of disease will also teach us to react according to the situations and get more on a global community feelling. We can’t solve it alone. And that is I think, a big lesson that we also have to learn through climate change. For me, the real power is the connection that we have to work together even if we are completely foreigners. If we believe in the same, that is enough to create amazing things, working together.

Human beings have the power to destroy everything or turn to another level of consciousness to completely change the situation.

We can take the control


We must react

Everything is happening for a reason

All in life is having theirs cycles

And I personally think it’s time to wake up


I’ve doing already since a while some cold baths and practicing meditation in the sauna. After this, I do some exercises freediving… I have to say that it was the first time that I went into a real calm state. I’ve tried a lot of times to meditate “think in nothing”,… And finally I think I found a way haha

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Little steps will make big changes

For me it seems something really important to learn to calm your head to be more consciousness…

Well, meditation isn’t about not thinking or keeping your mind in blank

hahaha, yes true

That’s something that I feel always a bit jealous about people like you

I suppose we need to learn acceptance

and at this time Solitude as a big present

Totally agree

sorry if I interrupted you. Please, continue..

No problem

So, you are helping people giving yoga classes and meditation, right?

Yes… I’m trying to help people being more conscious

How is it a normal day in your class?

We usually start by gentle pranayama(breathing techniques) followed by slow movements that will increase while the body starts to be ready for more dynamic movements

of course this can change depending on the purpose of the classs

but later on we do the peak pose, counterposes and finally the rest time savasana

I always set an intention for my classes, sometimes we practice gratitude, acceptance, release tension…

We pursuit this aim through movements, meditation and being presents. Always letting go of judgments, competitions and physical forms to go deeper to your inner self

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That looks fantastic

Are you doing classes for all kind of people? kids, people with disabilities,…

I am doing some therapy classes for people with back problems

I did for kids, but not now….

Are your plans to stay in Catalonia?

Definitely I would like to come back to Sri Lanka next year


I also would like to go there some day. Looks incredible! Where have you been?

I think it’s being crowded last year

When I was there one year ago it wasn’t so much at the beginning

Have you been working there?

Yes, as yoga teacher sometimes

But I was helping street animals. I didn’t have so much time to work

Oh I see.. Are there many? like dogs??

Yes…. a lot. Fortunately there are a lot of NGOs to help them

Jesus! And why is that?

their culture don’t understand that dogs and cats can be our friends

Do they eat them?


So, why they can’t understand they can be friends?

it’s their culture


they don’t have enough information

some of them they think you can get rabies for touching a dog

I see.. It had to be a wonderful experience helping this poor dogs… I mean also quite hard, because they had to be quite bad…

yes, but it was more grateful at the end

I’ve being helping some people that was rescuing animals and it was always difficult to not keep the link to them…

Yes, I can imagine

Where have you learnt to speak english?

I learned at the school

In Spain?

but I lived 10 months in Australia so I improved a lot

yes, I’m from Barcelona

So you have a strange aussie accent ?



spanish accent

Ah ok

yes, I’m from Barcelona

So you have a strange aussie accent ?



spanish accent


Aussie-Catalonian english

It’s so strong even if I try to improve.

Could be


What have you been doing in australia?

Studying and working

I went with student visa

What did you study?


I wanted to improve



Did you like it there?


I like it a lot


Where have you been in Australia?

in Byron Bay

That is near Brisbane

Is one hour from Gold Coast

is this part of the interview?

Yes :_D

I thought you have studied also marketing


I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, PR and Advertising

also Communication

And also in online marketing right?


Have you ever being working on a surfcamp? I mean, you fit pretty well on many job offers that we post

I would like a lot

Many surfcamps and kiteschools ask for yoga teacher and with front desk experience. You fit perfectly on those kind of requirements

but last week I did an interview for one and at the end it was really bad paid..


monkeys ins sri lanka

That is true

People should be aware that many offers are not good paid… I do understand the volunteer point of view but it just underestimate the qualified people…

I’d like to change my position if I can have at least good conditions

Now I’m very happy

To all people that will read this interview and have a surfcamp or a kiteschool or also a resort take a look at her profile. She has amazing skills


I have experience and studies…. Of course I will need to learn a lot of things

So, if you couldn’t go to Sri Lanka. Where would you like to go?

but I have a base. I am focusing on the present moment now… I’m working, saving money and if I can I will go there. For the moment I am not thinking in other destinations

I see

Could you share your best spots? And any funny or scary moment during your trips?

Well I was around Weligama area

and I was having animals so I couldn’t travel so much


could be the scary moments it’s better not to mention them here

but everything finished fine


I had troubles with men


Well, that is also important to know. Is it a dangerous place for woman?

trying to abuse

so I prefer don’t talk about this…

Ah, ok

I understand

I didn’t meet any girl with this issues

just one woman said to me that she didn’t feel safe travelling alone up north. But she didn’t have but experiences. I will say that it’s a safe place but you have to take care. You cannot trust in everyone

this was my experience…


Grateful that your shared your thoughts 🙏

Ok, we have come to the end of the interview. Please feel free to add anything more

Any advice, future projects,… anything

Of course your link to your profile will be at the end of the interview. IF you also want to share any other links. Feel free…

I think we should all learn about the magic of the ordinary things and how powerful can change the world when we start being grateful


It was a pleasure to spend your time with you. Hope everything goes well in your life

We keep in touch!

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